Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

The creation of a Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet starts with a vision of shape, usefulness and materials that develop through a design that is going to define the final look.

The experience and the creativity of the artisan will allow the realization of the jewel exactly as it has been planned, by using the best techniques of the silversmith tradition.

The artisan uses a CRUCIBLE to melt silver the silver. The melted silver is then thrown into a “flush” iron bracket or positioned on a plate. The silver sheet is used to make the jewel and its decorations and it’s where the artisan designs, for example, a bracelet.

The artisan will then works the previously drawn silver sheet by using the fretwork technique and sculpting the precious metal, in low and high-relief. At this stage, the finishing engraving is also made.

The artisan will then welds the silver pieces, thus obtaining the final handmade 925 sterling silver bracelet. Finally, the silver jewel gets a polish treatment: it is covered with a layer of pure silver aimed to give it more brilliance.

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